If you choose to work with Toby, he believes that you’ve done it for one of several reasons, including among them his commitment to his clients, his connection to the local community, and or maybe it was his handsome good looks.

Whatever the reason, we have connected with a collection of local service providers that run their businesses in a similar way to us. Committed to excellence and the client. These are folks that walk the walk when it comes to customer service.

Featured Providers +

Toby and his team work with like-minded professionals throughout the Central Ohio region. (Photo by Missy Seslar/Periwinkle Photography)

Don’t forget to tell them that Toby sent you when you.

+ – Featured providers are a service to our clients and we provide referrals to outside companies. Recommendations are from Toby’s experience meeting and networking – or in some cases personally working with them on his own home. A few of these affiliates may have an association with Coldwell Banker Realty, however, Toby receives no compensation from them for transactions. Though he believes you’ll have a good experience with all the vendors, that cannot be guaranteed.