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We are on a lot of social media sites, email, carrier pigeons, and even a handy contact us form below.

There are lots of ways to reach out to Toby Boyce and the rest of the Ohio Commercial LLC team.

When you reach out to Ohio Commercial LLC and Toby Boyce you are reaching out to the owner. Not a calling service or a gatekeeper but to the team itself.

Social Media

All the way back in 2006, Toby was part of the community. Then it was ActiveRain and blogging. Now its still blogging, but we can be found and regularly update on:

By Phone or Email?

Want to actually talk or text with us? We are honored.

Want to Visit us in person?

Toby Boyce and Ohio Commercial LLC is based in the Coldwell Banker Realty’s Delaware, Ohio office at 11 1/2 West Winter Street. The office is located behind Pat’s Records along Shortcut Alley in the historic downtown.

But be warned, our Delaware branch is open by appointment or chance. If you really want to meet with someone please call or text to schedule an appointment.

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