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Who Is Toby Boyce?

Who Is Coldwell Banker Realty?

Coldwell Banker was the original real-estate start-up. Founded in 1906 by Colbert Coldwell — and later joined by Benjamin Banker — the company changed the way people bought and sold real estate. At first in their native San Fransisco following the earthquake to now servicing more than 49 nations with more than 3,000 offices. Of course, there is more to the story, find out about Coldwell Banker’s history and leadership on their Web site.

More than sixty people visited 11 1/2 West Winter Street in historic downtown Delaware, Ohio to celebrate Coldwell Banker’s return.

Locally, in 2021, Toby Boyce partnered with Coldwell Banker Marysville to bring the iconic brand back to downtown Delaware, Ohio. An amazing open house was held with more than sixty people attending from all over the real-estate map … even Delaware’s mayor showed up for the event.

Who Is Ohio Commercial LLC?

Ohio Commercial LLC is the limited-liability company that Toby Boyce, MBA, operates his business through.