Three Delaware County, Ohio, properties were transferred last week according to the Delaware County Auditor’s office.

The first property was a .556 acre lot on London Road – in Delaware, Ohio – directly south of the DelCo drive-thru. The lot was purchased by Bhaskara Raju Rudraraju and Sunil Vegesna who also purchased the .115 acre lot adjacent along Liberty Road recently. They paid $80,000 for the London Road property and $20,000 for the Liberty Road parcel.

The second transfer was 21 West Central Avenue in Delaware, Ohio, which sold for $247,500 this past week. The building currently houses Delaware Counseling Services. It was purchased by Two Doubles LLC.

The third parcel was a commercial structure at 1749 Cole Road in Ashley, Ohio. It was purchased by Daniel and Tracy Yarnell for $76,650 according to the auditor’s office.

In general, the total number of transfers remained consistent for residential, new builds, and commercials being run through the Delaware County Auditor’s office on a weekly basis. Including valid and not-valid sales it is running about 100 transfers per week according to the emails.

All information in this post is provided by Delaware County Auditor reports. Toby Boyce, Ohio Commercial LLC, and Coldwell Banker are making no claims to have represented the buyer or seller in this transaction.