Don’t Let Your 1031 Become a Turkey

Don’t Let Your 1031 Become a Turkey

It is that time of year, turkey is on your mind. But, follow the advice of Greg Smith and IPX 1031 and keep those turkeys on the table and out of your 1031 exchange.

Don’t let your 1031 become dinner. Choose the right exchange partner.

Recently, Greg provided a list of five ways to keep your 1031 exchange on track.

  1. Forgetting to set up your exchange before closing
  2. Looking for a full tax deferral but not buying equal or greater than
  3. Not identifying on time
  4. Waiting to look for Replacement Property
  5. Making sure your exchange funds are safe

Go more in depth by reading the article and if you need a 1031 Exchange contact Toby Boyce and Greg Smith today.

Toby Boyce


Toby E. Boyce, MBA, has been licensed to sell real estate since 2006. He has been a professional writer since turning 16 and working for the Mt. Vernon News and eventually worked in higher-education public relations. In real estate, he has earned numerous awards and served on numerous boards throughout the real-estate industry.

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